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PackN said:
Have a SW Model 41 that I love but looking for another .22!! What is out there that will give me the same accuracy and quality of my 41?? Truthfully the 41 with the HB is fatiguing me with it's weight! Anyone with a cutdown 7" incher?? High Standard,Trailside,Benelli,Pardini???? Thanks for all advice fellows!!

PackN :t
Trailside! And its going to cost alot less than a M-41 (2/3-1/2 price, depending).

6", adjustable sights, added 95gr weight. Very niiiiiice. Havent useg the ergo grips yet, but I'm sure they'd add some stability.

Very simple disassembly/cleaning. Great feel. Great accuracy.

Do it, do it!! :)


1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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