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What's It Worth????

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I was at the LGS last night and came across a Model 41 in the box with all paper work,cleaning tools and the screw driver to adjust the sights and 2 mags.

It's at least a 95% pistol.looks to be shot very little.

The serial # is TAD 7557,any ideas when it was made?
He didn't have a price on it yet so what would be a fair or good price on it?


I guess i should have said it's a 5.5 inch barrel in .22lr. Maybe that helps.
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For that price you did very well for all you got. I know you will love the 41 for sure. I also bought one last Sat myself with the longer barrel and a 1959 production date on it for $595.00 here in Canada which surprised me at the price being so low. I only got one mag with it and nothing else but normally they would sell for around $850. to $900.00 up here just that way alone. :)
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