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In my range box (a 23" Black & Decker toolbox from wallyworld about $10) I have the following:

-Nikon Lens Pen
-Small (3") Shoot n Sees
-Large (8") Shoot n Sees
-Pack of Orange 1" dots
-Rem Oil
-Hoppes Dry Lube
-Hoppes #9
-Boresnake (.22)
-Patch Worm
-Rods and Brushes (.22) --hardly ever use them, but handy for pushing out cases that won't extract.
-Multiblade screw driver - fits all screws on my 925 (only gun at this time)
-cleaning patches
-2 sets of dovetail Angle Locs, 1 high, 1 low.
-allen keys for above rings
-Set of Allen keys on 'swiss army knife' style chassis
-Push in plugs
-shooting glasses
-Ear Muff style hearing protectors
-Towell (folded up it makes a nice pad for the seats at the range)
-snap caps (.22)
-exploded view image of rifle
-2 old toothbrushes
-800 or so rounds of 22lr of various pedigrees.
-note pad
-2 spare magazines

Yes, it is fairly heavy. Add a box of 40cal once in a while if I shoot with a friend with a couple of glocks and it is even worse.


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In one of those plastic dry boxes I have all my boresnakes, two patchworms (one rifle and one pistol, .17hmr with the slip to make them work in .22 and .22 mag), a set of picks, set of gunsmither tools, some old toothbrushes, a take down cleaning rod, patchworm patches, cleaning rod patches, dry lube, breakfree, hoppes, shooters choice, g96, and I think an old t-shirt. Of course all the ammo and stuff is in other boxes and bags. Targets are in their own box unless I just pull some and throw them on the seat of the truck. A canvas carryall has set of screwdrivers, foam ear plugs, ear muff style hearing protection, staple gun and staples, spare magazines, golf balls, eye hooks for the golf balls, string, and who knows all what else. :D

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Thats quite a list! I throw everything into the back of the truck.
Ok here goes.
1000 rds. minimum
cleaning rod
Lubriplate grease
some towels
paper targets
tin cans
clay pigeons
anything else I can find in the garage to shoot up
red fluorescent spray paint
24" X 24" X 36" cardboard box
Allen keys
sponge earplugs, for anybody that wants them
a rag rug to lay on the pistols / rifles on
a cooler with some water -n- soda pops on ice
a 48 ring X 6 1/2" Corona cigar
and...last but not least... toilet paper!
Okayee I think I got it all.

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Whats in the range box

univeras plier type tool
patches, patch worm
hoppes solvent
stable gun
a bipod
ear plugs, ear muffs
ink pin
masking tape
rear bag rest
spare front bag rest
a bottle of water
assorted ammo
spare steel cz clip
toilet paper
shooting glasses
torque screwdriver
cleaning rod
bore guides
good size rag

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Have to think about this one..... Typical load is..

Clay pigeons
Trap Thrower
Staple Gun
Two pairs of ear muffs
Rifle Rest
Spotting Scope
Plinking Cans
Whatever ammo I have at the time
Assorted firearms
Screwdriver or two
Allen wrenches
Oh yeah and whoever I can drag along in the family to come with me.
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