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I'm an FFL dealer, and I find myself looking for a CZ452 American in .22LR for myself (sold an American in .22WMR last year.. and find myself thinking about it a lot.. I LIKED IT!).

So what wholesalers generally have them in stock at a good price?

And since I'm really interested in getting a nice stock, are there any who will be flexible on returns if I get a "lemon" of a stock? (not looking for AAA Fancy.. just not the POS I saw on ONE american at the range... UG-LEE! Shocked that it was a CZ!!).

Thanks in advance!
Paul F.

PS I'm not soliciting for a rifle right now... It'll be September before I get my Visa paid off and have the money to buy... just want to line up a wholesaler that carries them real regular like :)
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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