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What to lube?

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I've taken the action apart too many time to remember, what parts get grease and what gets a light coat of oil? Basically I need to know what not to oil or grease?
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These are 10/22s, we're talking about? (as opposed to other action-types or ARs)

Dri-Lube Teflon on a clean dry, oil free action. Including, the recoil rod/spring.

The only thing that sees any oil, on my 10/22s, is the barrel/bore as a rust inhibitor after cleaning.

No "gumming up" or attracting dust. The burnt powder residue on the bolt face just comes off with a light "toothbrushing".

I usually do a "total strip-down", maybe once a month for a good solvent cleaning and re-application of the teflon, only because I like to. It could probably go longer between cleanings.
Well, it all depends.....

The last time, about 3 weeks ago, that I went shooting, it was over 400 rnds thru the same rifle, on the same day. I didn't bother to clean the action, afterwards, just the barrel.

During the "good weather" months....maybe 300 rnds, per rifle, per week. I usually bring 2-3 rifles, to the range, with me. Rimfire & centerfire.
1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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