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What to lube?

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I've taken the action apart too many time to remember, what parts get grease and what gets a light coat of oil? Basically I need to know what not to oil or grease?
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10/22 Lubes

Just a note here:

Dry Teflon type spray lubes work very well on the 10/22, as they do not 'gum-up' the action, as will ANY type of oil....! !
[ "Rem Dri-Lube" and "Black & Decker Dry-Lube" ("B&D Dry-Lube") ]

"CLP" works very well on the 10/22....! !

"Anderol" synthetic lube works very well on the 10/22.....! !
[Developed during the Korean War for aircraft auto-cannons]

Silicone spray lubes are NOT particularily well suited for 'metal to metal' contacts; they work 'best' between polymer or rubber and metal contacts: auto windows, auto door hinges, pump seals, pump packings, valve packings, faucet seals, spinning reels, o-rings, etc..

Remember, many competition clay shooters shoot their Rem 1100's "dry".....! ! :eek:

Hope this helps.....! ! :)
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1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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