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What should I feed my 883 (ammo choices)

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Just bought a Marlin 883, tube-fed magnum. What should I feed it?
I know every gun is different, but those of you who have one (or one like it) please tell me your experiences so I'll have a good starting point.
Your help is appreciated,

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I used to own a 783 which preceded the 883 and it seemed to do real well with regular CCI Maxi-Mags.
Thanks, 452, I found one guy in an archive search who said the same thing.
Those are darn nice guns. I had the 783? about 15 years ago. Sold it but I shouldn't have. Nice walnut on the one I had. The only thing I didn't like was the trigger. Very narrow and creepy, but I think the new ones are better. Was an accurate gun but can't remember the ammo I used, probably Winchester. Good luck with it.
Mine likes the Supremes and the TNT's the best so far.
Howdy Oscararrow
My 883 does well with the Predator ammo as well as the Winchester supreme. Believe it or not it likes the Dynaturds that many folks aren't to impressed with.Also shot decent with the Winchester Super X ammo. MC
mine shoots the CCI +V. i've killed 8 yotes the last 2 years with it. one was at 150 yards. great combo.
My 883 prefers Remigton premier33gr or Winchester Supreme 34grains.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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