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What scope do you have on your .17s?

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I am trying to decide on a scope for my Ruger 77/17 VM/BBZ, I would like to keep it under $400. I have thought about the Weaver V-24 not sure I like the reticle, the V-16 is nice. I have also looked at the Leupold VX II 6-18x40. I plan on shooting paper and small fuzzy animals. Any thoughts would be great.
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I have a Leupold LPS 3.4-14 on my Anschutz 1717 and a Nikon 3-9x40 Monarch on my CZ 452 American.
I have a leupold III 6.5-20x40 fine duplex on my 917vs.
simmons 6.5-20x44 44 mag series w/target turrets
8 x 56 schmidt & bender on my Anschutz 1717 heavy barrel. Excellent all round performance but worth the money !! Never will be able to spell these foreign names. :t
has anyone tried on of the 30mm cabelas scopes? Or 30mm tasco titan?

Bushnell 3200 5-15x40 on Ruger 77/17 (17HMR)
Bushnell Legend 5-15x40 on H&R Sportster (17M2)

BTW: This may be the oldest surviving thread; two years today
Max Velocity said:
BTW: This may be the oldest surviving thread; two years today
It's sad to see though only 167 replies. Are there only 167 17hmr shooters here that use scopes?
I just put a swift premiere on my new 917 following some reccomendations I got here. I dont know if its the best scope out there, but so far as optics in general are concerned, for the money its pretty impressive. I kinda wish the reticule was finer though.
I first put a Nikon 4.5-14X40 on my 93R17-GV. But, my old eyes had a hard time seeing those little holes at 100 yds, so I upgraded to a Nikon 6-18X40.
i put a Mueller eraticator 8.5-25x50 on my sav.93r 17. really like the little red dot when i need it .
G'day from New Zealand :)
I bought a Marlin 917v second hand complete with a Tasco 3-12 (for the price of a new Marlin 917v). The bolt runs smoother than the new ones I looked at in the shop (which originally put me off buying one). Absolutley pleased with the groupings. This gun replaced my Mosberg 22mag.
Only problem with scope is its not so clear up the high end. I saw no benefit from using 12 power over 9 power. Looking at upgrading. Probably fullfield 4.5-14. I shoot with a bipod, mostly of the bonnet or back of a flat deck spotlighting rabbits and hares.
I have a Simmons 44 MAG 6.5-20X44 A/O on my 93R17.
Bushnell 8-32 x40 elite 4200 on my custom Ruger 77/17. Like it a bunch for target shooting and for doggin.

I have a BSA 3-12x40 Sweet 17 on my Savage and it is a great combo!
Marlin 917V,

Burris Signature Zee Rings w/ floating inserts

B&L 24X w/ Fine X hair

161 - 180 of 291 Posts
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