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What scope do you have on your .17s?

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I am trying to decide on a scope for my Ruger 77/17 VM/BBZ, I would like to keep it under $400. I have thought about the Weaver V-24 not sure I like the reticle, the V-16 is nice. I have also looked at the Leupold VX II 6-18x40. I plan on shooting paper and small fuzzy animals. Any thoughts would be great.
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I'm looking for a reasonably priced scope for the HMR.
No more than 40mm objective, reliable lockable turrets, at least 6x mag and not heavy
any suggestions please
I'd suggest a Nikon Monarch 3 4-16X but it has a 42mm objective. So it's 2mm too large for you. http://tinyurl.com/obtaryj

I have one on my .17HMR Annie 1517 D HB and it's perfect for me.

Have a BAUSCH & LOMB 6-24-40 in gloss finish on my REMINGTON 547 THB in 17HMR. Great glass and adjustments. Really looks good on the rifle too. Also a big fan of the BUSHNELL ELITE 4200 6-24X40 and have several mounted on various varmint rifles in centerfire.
I'm partial to Weaver Target scopes on all my rim fires.
Currently using a T-6, T-15, and a pair of T-24s on 2-sporters, and 2-bench rest guns in .22LR and .17HMR. These are all employed for target shooting so they all have the thin cross hairs and small dot and adjustable objective which are spot on accurate for distances...don't have to use tape for distances (which I noticed other scope shooters use)!
At the moment I have no field guns...but if I did I would not use Weaver Target scopes. Probably would use something w/o an adjustable objective and with larger cross hairs. Possibly a ballistic reticle for the caliber I'm shooting. These make more sense on a hunting rifle IMO.
Hello folks,
I wonder if our like (or dislike) of a certain scope magnification level isn't just a function of the condition of an individual's eyes. Age, glasses with different types of bifocals, etc. all come into play, don't you think. Could I ask everyone, is there any of you regulars out there that are using a 8-32 power scope with good results?? I'm new to this 17 stuff and my rig is new (entry level) and the scopes that I have here available to me. A 4-12x and a 8-32x. I have already mounted the 12x and want to know is anyone using a 32x and would you encourage me to try it also?? I've been shooting all of my life (old coot!) and I've always subscribed to the theory of
"aim small, miss small" and it would seem that a higher power scope would fit that criteria.
Thanks in advance
Probably not so much, regarding our individual eyes (and corrections). First, forget the bifocals or progressive part because you should be looking through the distance part of your glasses when looking through the scope. Then we all get mostly equalized by being corrected to about 20:20. The differences in our corrections, etc., mostly affects how we adjust the focus on the reticle.

The preference for lower powered scopes over higher powered, or vice versa, is just preference for different trade-offs. Aim small/miss small high powered scopes are great for a target where you really do need to "see" a tiny, far away, spot. But not for something closer, like hunting, where you need the wider field of view way more than you need to see something tiny.
PFI just released a 3-12x44 FFP that has the Reticle for both .17WSM and .17HMR with drop compensation past 200. I just picked one up. Can't wait for the weather to behave to try it.
Me and a buddy each picked up a Burris C4 Plus 4.5-14x42mm for $199.99 w/free S&H at Cabela's a couple days before Xmas, Very nice optic, were pleased w/our purchase. He's throwing his on a A17 and I'm probably dropping mine on my Savy 93FV .22HMR.
nikko stirling targetmaster on both my cz455's
6-24x56 on the 17 hmr, and 4-20x50 on the 22lr
I'm using a Bushnell 4X12X40 on mine and it will shoot MOA out to 150 yards with CCI 17gr HP's.
I mounted a Leupold VX-3L 4.5-14x50 target, B&C reticle on my .17 HMR Cooper 57M.

My .223 Savage 12 VLP-DBM and my .22-250 Savage 12 LRPV-DBM both have Leupold VX-3Ls in 6.5-20x56 extreme varminter, varmint reticle scopes for when the .17 HMR can't reach out to the prairie dogs.
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