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What scope do you have on your .17s?

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I am trying to decide on a scope for my Ruger 77/17 VM/BBZ, I would like to keep it under $400. I have thought about the Weaver V-24 not sure I like the reticle, the V-16 is nice. I have also looked at the Leupold VX II 6-18x40. I plan on shooting paper and small fuzzy animals. Any thoughts would be great.
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Bushnell 4200 6-24x40 on my VQ Fusion 17 is wonderful.
Varmint guy, wjat are using for lighting up the game? Scope or gun mount, or handheld?

VarmintGuy, Not that I could afford one of those $1,000+ scopes, but I couldn't find anywhere on their site if they have adjustable objective -- do they? Is their glass as good as Bushnell 4200 -- or just bigger?

Also, where'd you get your scopelight? I'm just north of Seattle, an Everett 4x4 only stocks the vehicle lights but could order one from Idaho. The scope lights are very reasonably priced! Love the dimmer control idea!
Thanks VarmintGuy, I've always wanted to go to Kesselrings, but never thought I'd be able to afford the debt I'd find myself in if I went to the kid-in-a-candy-store place! Now I've got an excuse. I've done all my dealings with Adventure Sports on Aurora, just northwest of me.

Thanks for the info, it really helps {me spend money}. As soon as I get he Fusion figured out (Scott sent it back to me saying it shot well for them) I'll mount one on the 4200 6-24x40AO. But their 4 targets were 1/3 inch grps at 65 yards!!! Not 100 yds. So I guess I'll either see if Adventure will give my money back or figure it out myself. Shot almost 1/2 inch groups today (3), then it started going wild on me again.

Maybe a Cooper is in order.
T Picard, Thanks for the temptation on the Zeiss -- side focus is only thing the 4200's lack. It's pretty awkward reaching way out front to focus when your support hand is doing something else!
Congrats on one fine peice of glass!

I'm wondering what kind of 100 grouping you're getting with your Fusion. If you're getting 1/2" groups are most of them 1/2 or just a few?
T Picard, I noticed you're from the NW too, at least part of the time. Where do you mist the gophers? So far I've only punched paper and am getting real itchy to splatter some hide, hopefully in WA.
Ahh, "gotten by" is the key phrase, but would you be as happy as you are now owning that fine scope you now have? There certainly will be those times you'll use the headroom of the higher magnification -- for instance, when you want to "hit young Rocky in the eye..." :D
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