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What scope do you have on your .17s?

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I am trying to decide on a scope for my Ruger 77/17 VM/BBZ, I would like to keep it under $400. I have thought about the Weaver V-24 not sure I like the reticle, the V-16 is nice. I have also looked at the Leupold VX II 6-18x40. I plan on shooting paper and small fuzzy animals. Any thoughts would be great.
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my experience so far...

I bought my 17VS to hunt nothing but gopherz. I chose a Weaver KT15. It is straight 15 power. Excellent scope but nearly useless when trying to hunt with a flashlight. For its intended purpose it works great. You learn to adjust to the higher power, and target acquisition becomes easier. It is a good $200 dollar scope. Target turrets with Weaver quality clicks.

I did not know at the time that I would get addicted to this gun. :) Now I want to hunt everything with it (within reason).

A relative of mine hooked me on the 17, and the high power scopes. I was skeptical too. I don't think I would want any more than 15 power, but then I only tried 32x one time. My research came up with 15x as a good starting point and I am happy with it.

Trying to shoot a young gopher at 120 yards takes a good scope just to see his head peaking over the mound. There is nothing about shooting a 12 inch pie plate here. Magnification is everything.

My next scope will likely be a good 6x24. I just can't see spending more on the scope than the rifle. My problem now is that I am over scoped for night hunting and I am going to give the laser a try. Now I wish I could drop down to 6 power, or even 4, to shoot raccoons and jack rabbits at night.

What I'm really going to do is just get another hummer and dress it for night hunting. :)

Hope I didn't ramble too long.

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