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What scope do you have on your .17s?

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I am trying to decide on a scope for my Ruger 77/17 VM/BBZ, I would like to keep it under $400. I have thought about the Weaver V-24 not sure I like the reticle, the V-16 is nice. I have also looked at the Leupold VX II 6-18x40. I plan on shooting paper and small fuzzy animals. Any thoughts would be great.
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I use a Leupold VX-II 6-18X40 AO with target knobs on my VQ Fusion and a Leupold VX-II 4-12X40 AO on my 16" T/C Contender Carbine barrel.

I sorta agree with your statement about "overscoping". I look at my 6-18X VX-II on my VQ Fusion and think, "That is a lot of magnification for this round". When I was shopping for a Leupold scope, I had a list of features that I wanted, and it seemed that the only the high magnification variables had all of the things on my list. I wanted a fine Duplex reticle, target knobs, an adjustable objective, a one-inch tube, and multicoating on the external lenses.

Perhaps I should have bought a lower-magnification scope and had Leupold change the reticle. It seems that most of my shooting with this scope is down between 6X and 12X. I think I could have gotten by with the fixed 6X or 12X that Leupold offers in the M8-series. With a 42mm objective, the 6X has a 7mm exit pupil. With Multicoat 4, this scope should make an excellent low-light scope.

Yup, the VX-II 4-12X40 AO would have worked. I ended up with one on my T/C Contender Carbine in .17 HMR.

I really wish Leupold would make an 8X or 10X fixed power with a 40mm adjustable objective, a fine duplex reticle, and click adjustments in the M8-series.

I very much like my .17 HMR Contender Carbine barrel; I like it so much I have two (a 21" tapered barrel and a 16.25" bull). The 21" has a T/C peep sight, and the 16.25" wears the VX-II 4-12X40 AO. The 16.25" has recorded a few groups under 0.75" at 100 yards; I think it could do better if I could. The 21" has never been fired for groups, but it does well on small game.

Thanks for the info on Burris. I tried one Burris scope, and I decided to go back to Leupold. The scope you mentioned should be good for low-light since the exit pupil is greater than 5mm. I would opt for the Leupold M8 6X42 AO Target before the Burris scope due to my preference for Leupold. I am probably going to get one of the M8 6x42 AO Target scopes because it is such a versatile scope.

I have been digging around the Leupold catalog, and I found a scope, though quite expensive, I might try on my Fusion. It is a Vari-X III 3.5-10X40 M1, and the street price is $750. It is the lowest power Leupold variable with an adjustable objective and click adjustments. It has everything I want, but the fine Duplex reticle. There is also a 10X AO in the Mark 4 M3 line that I like on my .308 Win. Remington 700 VSSF; however, it is over $350 more expensive. The M8-12X, at $379-$399, is a steal compared to the Mark4 M3 10X.
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