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what rings to get for my 452 varmint?

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i have a Leupold Rifleman 4-12x40mm scope and brand new CZ 452 Varmint

what rings should i get?
any other pointers appreciated :D :D
so excited to mount the scope and zero it next Sunday!!
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Butcher said:
any special tools or advice for mounting, and which BKLs to get? do yall recommend the one piece, or two?

253 (3 inch seperation) or 254 (4 inch seperation)... or 257?
I think you should mount the rings that permit you to have the scope as close the barrel as possible.. so you can easy set the turrets (elevation) and the impact point won't change so much if you shoot a bit far from the setting distance..

Ciao gian...

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Just to give you another choice....

I have used Brookie's adapters and Burris Signature Zee rings on all my CZ 452's. The adapters give you the option of using any Weaver Base rings, but the Signature Zees, IMHO, offer many advantages not found elsewhere.

Just my $.02 USD...
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