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What red dot for my NEOS?

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How do I determine what size red dot I need on my NEOS?

Is the scope rail the only consideration for proper fit?

This is plinking and paper only.

Everything I've ever had that was scoped came that way, so I've never bought one to add to a pistol.

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Red Dot.

On the cover of American Rifleman June2002 the Red Dot on the U22 is a BSA 30MM. I couldn't find one of those so I went with a Simmons Rimdot @ 25-50yards, no problem, is dead on.
It all depends on how deep your wallet is my Simmons was $30.

I'll be real honest awp101,

The BSA is a bargain, even if it dies a young death. I know of 3 NEOS with various BSA red dots (30 & 35 mm) and no complaints (near every Tues, burn half a brick after work crowd). All dots can fail, BSA may have a rep but I've never had to fix one. I have 3 TASCO Propoint III's, two have needed intensity knob tightening (& so have 3 friends' ADCO Shorties, because I made the tool). The common battery is the CR2032, keep a couple around. Every one will leave the dot on for a month, at least once.

Buy it, you'll wonder why we ever suffered iron sights.
Sorry awp101,

Missed the dot size question -
Small dot (3-5 min) for bullseye,
Medium dot (4 - 8 min) 30yd plinking or speed shooting
Beeg dot (8 - 12 min) falling plate rack, bowling pins, steel challenge or shotgun.

Small dots can be hard to see against bright backgrounds.
Sorry, I wasn't clear on my question.

What size do I need to fit the rail? I have no idea where to take the measurements. From the outside of the rails I would assume, but we all know what happens when we assume...;)

Thanks for the BSA info though! I'll be looking at those pretty seriously. When you've been laid off $30 sounds nice!:D
That's a valid question awp!

NEOS uses the standard weaver rail. You may notice some slotted cross cuts on top of the rail, align the sight mount fasteners in these slots. Kind of an anti slip feature. Some red dots have an integral mount, try to space the fasteners as far apart as possible.

Rough sight-in: Remove the NEOS slide and reinstall barrel. Install red dot sight and secure.

Sight thru barrel at a mark or feature on wall (what ever ya have), align red dot to coincide with barrel witness mark. Expect some vertical adjustments at the range. On some scopes the POI will drift (perpendicular, non-linear) when one adjustment is made. Gotta tweak both sometimes. If you ever want a real pain, try a TASCO Optima or a Cee More.

Enjoy awp!:)
38super said:
Sight thru barrel at a mark or feature on wall (what ever ya have), align red dot to coincide with barrel witness mark.
Witness mark...would that be the faint verticle line near (at?) the center of the slide just under the rear sight?

I may appear to be slow, but I can guarantee there are at least three others out there wondering the same thing, but who won't ask.;)
Poor use of terminology on my part, awp.

I use white paper with a black dot ('bout 25-30' distant). Usually I will clamp the frame in a padded vice and lock the barrel alignment to the white paper dot. Then adjust the red dot onto the dot.

If you know the optic to bore centerline distances, then make two dots displaced by this distance. Usually a new red dot is centered. Place a 6" ruler against the crown. Center the barrel over the 1" mark of a 6" ruler, then read the ruler measurement thru the red dot (don't forget to subtract the 1"). This will get you on paper (a little low) at 20-25 yds.

Hope this helps. Tell you friends, I didn't mean to confuse the issue.

Oh yeah, the slide mark may be from the mold (Beretta uses Metal Injection Molding on a lot of their parts).
For heaven's sake . . . .

(Excuse me while I tease 38super): Typical engineer - knows exactly what to do and how to do it, but can't tell us in layman's terms! Lol! Sorry 38super.

The BSA will mount directly to the rail on the Neos - no additional mount devices or special tools needed. At $30, I think its a bargain.

I bought my second BSA 30mm (overall lense diameter) red dot today because I was so happy with the one on my Neos. The new one goes on a .177 pellet rifle. The 11 step dot intensity settings will cover 99% of shooting conditions, but it can be a little difficult to see on sunlit snow.

When I set up the one on my Neos, I did what I always do for optic sight set up: Start very short (10 yards) with a large target with a 2-3" bull drawn on it. Line it up on that, then move the target out to 25 yards. Fine tune it there. With scopes on rifles, I keep moving the target further out and fine tuning, but with a handgun 25 yards - or whatever range you like for plinking/target shooting - will be enough. I usually check it every time out to make sure Point Of Impact has not changed. So far, the Neos/BSA combo has been rock solid.

Disclaimer: I'm an amature . . . 38super knows what he is doing.:D
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LOL! I'll tell ya this - talk to n3480h about NEOS trigger jobs - he caught on very quick! I have to be careful what I post here, he spots my tricks.

:D :D

Thanks guys!
Picked up the BSA and mounted it.

I need A LOT more time with a handgun.:D

I was surprised at how much I shake and wobble when aiming...:eek:
Red dot squigglies will calm down with dry fire work. I use the screw on a light switch plate. As the wiggles calm down, move back.

The worst is the red dot streak from speed shooting that occurs from persistance of vision, you wonder which end will the hole show up at.

Ask awp, I'm absolutely sure I could be wrong.;)

Ya mean there's supposed to be only ONE dot?????

I agree, those of us who are relatively new to handguns will fight the sights. Just about the time the pin falls on the primer, that **** dot will move, heh heh.

Take heart, there is much to learn - and its all fun. It does get better as we learn about proper stance, proper grip, having the right part of the finger on the trigger to prevent pulling or pushing, good breathing control, etc. If it was easy, everyone would be doing it, right?

Someone posted a link to the Army handgun shooting manual on one of the forums here. It might be worth a search, because it had a lot of good basic info.

Perhaps the best advice is to have fun with your Neos. The more you shoot it, the better you'll get at hitting the target. The Neos is capable of very good accuracy. A year from now you'll look back and chuckle. My first try was just 2 months ago, and I laugh at how bad I was. Another month or two and I'll be ready to shoot when other folks are also at the range, lol.

Hang in there awp101! :t
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You mean this link?


Thanks, looks like I need to get busy reading!:D
Thank you all!!!

I just wanted to say thanks to all that post on this site - I have learned a great deal! I was looking at buying a Ruger Mark II and, in part due to this site, bought a Beretta Neos (6" bbl in INOX). Three days later I have a BSA 30mm Red Dot installed and I have fired 1100 rounds. I love this pistol!!!!! I'm going to work on the trigger spring tonight and who knows what else tomorrow.

Glad I have a photo of my wife on my desk - haven't seen her much in the last three days! If I need somebody to rent me a room, I'll let you know...............Have guns, will travel !!!

Thanks !!!
Welcome aboard, Decoycarver!

Keep the War Dept. happy, nothing worse than a PO'd significant other (affects your work, too). BTW, per your handle, post some pics. Art and craftmanship are always appreciated here.

Ya mean there's supposed to be only ONE dot?????
This is one of the complaints about some economy red dots (internal reflections or poor lense coatings) and is an indicator of problems in the more expensive scopes (loose lense or LED).

Ah, one other tidbit known as wink out. The rotary intensity knob will get loose, and cause intermitant contact - can fall off too!
Say awp101 and decoycarver,

Does your NEOS look like this?
Why yes, yes it does...that's the short bbl right? The shorty is what I have.
Mine is INOX, so it has a stainless barrel and slide. Otherwise its the same beautiful pistol.

P.s. to 38 Super - working on the pics of some birds I've carved. Should have them on next week. Thanks for the interest!
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