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What rear bag with Cowan Rest?

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What rear bag are most using with the Cowan rest. It seems to sit a little higher than some of the other rests, at its lowest adjustment. I would appreciate any suggestions for a good rear bag that is compatible.

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I'm using a Protektor bunny ear bag ... I think it is a model 27 .... and it works fine with my Cowan rest. Bought it thru Sinclair and filled it with the dense sand Sinclair sells.

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I'm using BAG18 from Sinclair with my Cowan rest because the regular bag wasn't high enough to use where I shoot most of the time - it's ever so slightly downhill. John

"Custom Bunny Ear Rear Bag:Same concept as BAG14 described above with the addition of a thick,heavy double bottom so the bag sits flat on the bench.This bag is also 2"taller than the standard rear bags.The extra height makes most rifles much easier to set up when you are using a mechanical front rest pedestal.This is probably the most popular bag used by bench rest shooters today."
Hi, Also helps to use a dougnut for the rear bag to keep it from rocking and to lift it up a bit. .................WVleo
I'm using a Protektor Bunny bag that I have modified by making a rectangular sand bag about 2" thick with the same footprint as the bunny bag. I made this using double thicknesses of a 25# lead shot bag with plywood panels inserted top & bottom (to keep it flat & uniform. I sewed this bag to the bottom of the bunny bag, adding 2" height to it. I also made a "box" with a 1/2" thick bottom that the bag can be set into if necessary.
Front Bags

While were at it, what are you guys using for front bags in the rest, im trying to get some feedback from you guys that have been doing this for a while. So I wont have to do it twice. At present have a small cloth sack , filled with rice. Want to get a nice one, also what are you useing as a filler.

Front bags? - I'm using Protektor's owl ear bags (on sale now for $13 @ Natchez) They make a #1, #2 & #3. The #3 is for a 3" wide stock, #2 is for a 2" wide stock & I assume the #1 is smaller. I have a #2 & a #3. They fit perfectly in the top of of the Cowan rest.
I'm using the Protector owl ear bags also--# 1 fits the Sporters like Kimbers and CZ's and # 2 works well for my BRNO #4, Sako, and 52 Winchester. I filled mine with play sand(bought at Lowe's) mixed with a little talc powder--"Johnsons baby powder" if that makes a difference:) I guess the ladies could use scented lilic talc?? hehehe. The talc makes the sand flow better into the bag and keeps it from clotting up. Old Indian trick I guess?? These bags fit the Cowan Rest perfectly, by the way.
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