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What range do you sight in at?

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What range do you sight in at for hunting with your 22 lr?
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Personally, 25yards. I don't do a lot of hunting with a 22, and what little I do is normally 35 yards or less. By sighting in @ 25, I'm pretty much dead on for everything I do.
Ruger 10/22

I rarely use my 22LR for hunting because I'm not impressed with the stopping power. None the less, mine is sighted in at 75 yards. I must admit, with CCI Stingers it is pretty accurate (for a 22LR). In rimfire I use my Marlin 17VS. She's NICE.
Trajectory Plot .22 HV


Trajectory Plot for .22 Long Rifle High Velocity Load

NZ = Near Zero
MT = Midrange Trajectory
FZ = Far Zero
PBR = Point Blank Range
Blue Horizontal Line = Line Of Sight [LOS]
Yellow Area = +/- 1/2" of LOS
Red Arc = Path of Bullet

Hope this helps...! ! :)
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1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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