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what kinda acuracy to exspect from 77/22lr

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Im getn pissed at anything semi auto latly so Im thinkn Ill grab 77/22lr

I havent heard what kinda acuracey to exspect from them Ill get the walnut with the staderd barrel.

im guessing with the right ammon theyl shoot 3/4" or better at 100yds, for the majority of them??? is it wrong to assume that?

thankx for your responses

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Well, my 77/22 is getting 0.5" groups @ 25 yards currently with Wolf MT ammo. It's more the shooter than the gun I suspect. If you're capable of putting the rounds in a 3/4" @ 100 yards, then the rifle won't hold you back. Don't expect the rifle to do better than your ability.

Mike Doerner
Reality Check

im guessing with the right ammon theyl shoot 3/4" or better at 100yds, for the majority of them??? is it wrong to assume that?
Yes.....! ! :(

Only 1 in 1,000 rimfire rifles will shoot MOA groups at 100 yards.
Only 1 in 1,000 shooters can shoot MOA groups at 100 yards.

The 'average' M77/22R will shoot ~ 1 1/2" to 2" groups with the ammunition it prefers, off the bench, with a good scope, and shot by an experienced shooter.

An 'exceptional' 77/22, properly tuned and bedded, off the bench, with a good scope, and shot by an experienced shooter, might shoot 1" groups at 100 yards.

Consistant MOA accuracy from any rimfire is BR league......! ! :eek:
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Box Stock 77/22r with a fine trigger job

I have a out of the box 77/22 with a Leupold 2-7x28mm RF special scope that I shoot off of a hart rest at 100 yards that invariably groups under a 1" group, sometimes 3/4" with most nearly ANY ammo i feed it except anything made by Remington. The only non standard thing that i have had done to the weapon is to have a local, very very excellent underrated local gunsmith who has built numerous customs for me, do a superb trigger job on the stock trigger; he has it under 2 pounds and still rock steady and stable.
At 75 yards, it will reliably shoot .4 to .5" groups, so I presume
that I have a good one.:D
well i meant to say

3/4-1" at 50 to 75yds, but since I didnt Ill stick with what I originaly said, and since Im one to due things just to prove people wrong, Ill shoot at that 1" or smaller group size with a standerd barreld 8lb trigger 77/22lr or atleast **** close with no mods.

my kicks in life are proveing something wrong and beating the odds.
Lucky One......! !

John R,

You are indeed one of the lucky ones......! ! :cool:

I too have a M77/22R, an early first year production [1984], that will shoot 1" - 1 1/4" off the bench with the ammo that it prefers. It sports a Leupold 4X 28mm RF Special scope in Ruger rings; the trigger has been lightly polished to bring it down to ~ 2 3/4 lbs.

Many suffer from heavy, gritty triggers, and poor bedding, though not the fault of Ruger workmanship; the cycle time from 'growing tree' to 'gun stock' has been compressed to the point that today's inletted stocks are still 'seasoning' while enroute to the customer....! ! :eek: :(

Gone are the days when gun stock blanks were seasoned for over two years before they were inletted....! ! :(

Most M77/22's do [or would] benefit from Randy's 'magic' at "CPC"; I believe his "full tune" includes a barrel set-back and rechambering, muzzle crown, and bolt half tightening. Please do check his Site for the exact details.....! ! ;)
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no 77/22lr's in the sourounding area

I couldnt belive it, today I decided I was gona hit the local gunshops in boise nampa merdian and caldwell area.

but then got to thinkn I better call around first n see if theyre instock. good thing I did, I ended up calling like 15 shops that where open today. not a singe 77/22 in walnut and standerd barrel, so about half way through I start thinkn ok Ill save myself about 200bucks and grab heavy barrel marlin, none of those either. all the ground rat shooters musta bought them all up already. guess Ill have to have the funshop here in town get me one on order. our local shop wants 409 for the ruger wich I didnt think was that bad.

also while I was calling around I asked about 17 ammo,,,, none instock anywhere and everyones waiting on orders to be filled.

so its kinda weird, no 77/22lr instock, no 17 ammo in stock, but 2-5 17 rifles in almost every shop I called.

crazy aint it.

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Hmm..you folks have my tinkering side flowing again. I spotted a 77/22 on the bulletin board at the club for $275, with a 4-16 power AO scope. Dunno the make or objective size of the scope, guess I better go make a call and see if I can spend more of my intended school tax money :)
77/22lr accuracy

This is my first post here so I thought I'd chime in with my experience. I have a new 77/22 VBZ that seems pretty good. I am finding that if I do my part, at 50 yds I can cover 5 shots with a dime. My best to date is one ragged hole that the dime will completely cover. I am shooting off Caldwell bags and have a (don't laugh) Tasco 6x24 Varmint/Target scope mounted, using the Ruger rings.
I am just getting back into shooting after having not fired a gun for about 20 years or so. I had forgot how much fun it is.

I really enjoy mine. On a good day it will do 1/2" at 50 yds. The only modification is a Spectech target trigger.
Hey Stangman;does that handle mean you are also a fan of Ford Mustangs. Cars & guns, great hobbies.


You are correct in guessing what my handle means. Among my many character flaws is my love of Ford Mustangs. I am a late-model fan but all are great. I am currently saving up for when the new ones come out in late '04.

As for my 77/22, it is bone stock but I am considering trigger kit...anyone have suggestions?

I'd post a pic of my targets but apparently I don't have rights to post yet.
Ruger 77/22

Stangman, I have had very good results with the Spec-tech trigger


These people have two types available. I chose the target model for my 77/22. :)
If you find a out of the box 77- 22 that consistantly shoots an inch at 100 your not only lucky you ought to quick buy a lottery ticket, and insure the rifle with Lloyds of London before something happens to it. Clark and such companys warranty their rifles to shoot an inch with target ammo only after they get about $450.00 of your money. An inch is a tall order with a .22 many variables in ammo not to mention the fact that a 10 mph cross wind pushs a .22 almost 6 inchs, thats a lot to dope at a 100. Good luck in your quest , besides if it doesn't shoot the way you like theres alot you can do to fix it and that's where the real fun begins---Shoot Safe---montdoug
will do

Ill grab a ruger one of these days.

Im grabn a 22m barrel I hope to do some plinking here real soon.

yeah the tinkering is where the fun comes in.
I passed through Boise just last weekend and saw a double handful of 77/22 rifles at Boise Gun Co. 208 376-4440. I was on a spring break road trip with my kids so I wasn't in the buying mode. Not that I didn't want to. I'm from Oregon so there's no affiliation. Good Luck,

were there any used ones or all new.

yeah I havent been to that place yet, I need to go.

yesterday i went to grab the bolt handle on my 10/22 after fireing one round, that there did it. pos
I need to get rid of the thing soon.

thankx for the heads up

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