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What is on the (your) menu for Thanksgiving?

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This year we will be with the (extended) family

A few types of stuffing (nothing with oysters or sausage) (gross)

Normal Stuff...

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Just my wife and 13 year old for a change this year at home. Pit bull will of course be very close. Bottom round roast, mashed potatoes, asparagus w/ hollandaise, yeast rolls and gravy. Haven't asked the ladies what they want for dessert yet. I was a chef for years I make the whole nine, I enjoy cooking for my family. Teaching my daughter when she gets motivated, no pressure. My wife cleans up and I take a nap. Well oiled machine. Since my parents are gone I don't cook for them anymore. Her mother has passed, fathers remarried, big family deals have shrunk a bit. Just grateful to be around for the moment to enjoy each other. Wouldn't really care if it was peanut butter sandwiches just that we are together and healthy. Do prefer roast beef though.....
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