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If you don't want to spend but a buck or two then I have an Idea.
Get yourself a foot and a half of 2x4 lumber, a couple of wood or drywall srews, and some thin wood for shimming.
Figure out how much difference there is between the barrel and the bottom of your forearm on the end and near the trigger.
Use that shim material or just cut a piece so that you can put the shim under the tip of the forend. It will give you the same distance from the bottom of the barrel to the bottom of the shim as the bottom of the barrel to the bottom of the forearm near the trigger.
Now just screw that 2x4 onto the bottom of the stock.
Now you have a stock who's foream is parallel with the barrel.
Should be a great benchrest stock.
It'll probably be pretty ugly too;)
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