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robertm said:
I have a 917 VS and I'm going to mount a Tasco 42MM target scope on it. I'm going to use the Weaver style base that came with it, what height rings do I need to buy? Low, Medium, or High?

I'm thinking that medium height would be perfect, but I want to be sure before ordering. I'm going to order the Burris Signature Zee rings from Midway so I want to get it right the first time.

Not too sure as to using the weaver bases but I would suspect the mediums would work. I use a 44mm Tasco on my VS but I didn't want to take a chance with the alignment issues that they have had using the weaver bases. What you may want to consider is using a BKL mount or rings. I got the BKL 261 and love it, no alignment issues to deal with. With BKL mounts you don't have to worry about the scope sliding back which with other rings on a 3/8" groove can be a problem and finally with the 261 you don't have to worry about lapping with the one piece base since both ends are bored at the same time. This picture is a close up of the mount and shows the clearence with my scope.

They really are a hot set-up! Like I said lots of folks talk about the alignment issue and how they run out of adjustments with thier scopes using the weaver bases. Now true with the Signature rings you can use the offset inserts, but why if you don't have to? I know the Signature Zee rings I got for my 10/22 where about $35 or so, for another $20 you can have a 261 BKL. Hope that helps.

Dave Z.
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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