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Just wanted to know how durable the finishes are on the p22? In both the black (Blued) and also in the chrome one?

I had a black p22 stolen from me the week I bought it, right out of my home, in a break and enter. (Bad Luck, not even fired) And had to go to court a year later to indentify it. you should see all the scrathces and wear on the finish. Looked like it was kicked around on the pavement actually.

How do you find the finishes on your p22 to be? I guess both the black and also the chrome. Is the chrome one the same color through and through, or if it gets scratched is it a diffrent color of metal underneath?

If you had to do it again, which finish would you get for the p22 and why?

I liked the black myself, coz I thought the chrome made the gun look like a toy. The black has that tacticle look to it, that I like. I know that the chrome finish on other walthers look great to me, but for some reason on the p22 it does not look quite right.

Can any one post some pics of your chrome P22 guns, love to see some. Also post pics of some guns with the finish worn a bit if you guys can, love to see how it wears over time.

I really hate to see scratches on my firearms, and found that stainless finish held out much better than Blued in this department. However, the p22 is aluminum, and think that it is just coated over with a nickel finish am I right? So would that be as durable s a traditional stainless steal finish? I suspect not, but wanted to hear some experiences from you guys.:))))))

Any comments or help would be appreaciated:))))))

Thanx for your help guys.
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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