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What did you shoot today?

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What pistol did you shoot today? I had some fun with these.

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AH, the top one is a Beeman(DIana) Original 6, a recoiless Giess system gun, Bottom one no idea.
Crosman Model 1300, Medalist II - had it since the mid 70's, still works. Sat by the carport, drinking coffee and shooting at carpenter ants in the gravel driveway. (20 miles from town, nobody close.) Only 2 verified victories so far, gonna take a while to make Ace.
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Revolver Air gun Trigger Gun barrel Shotgun

Finally finished my 4 inch 617 using all original parts except the rebound spring. I replaced the OEM with an 11 pound spring. I polished the interior with my Arkansas Stone and lubed the gun. My trigger pull dropped from just over 12 pounds DA to 8 pounds. It's 100 % reliable with Reminton Golden Bullets and CCI Clean's.

The Red Dot is a Bushnell First Strike 2.0 with 3 moa dot. I thought it would be too small but today I found it to be just right. I shot indoors and actually had to turn down the brightness.

My groups were very good until I hit 25 yards. There I had to readjust my sight because I was hitting high and left. Got it centered and put this gun away.

Revolver Air gun Trigger Gun barrel Gun accessory

Then I took out my 6 inch 617 for more testing and accuracy work. The 6 inch has a RevUP Action Hammer Kit in it and I really like the way the action feels. It's heavy, about 10 pounds but lights off all ammo I tested.

It feels the same as my 8 pound 4 inch gun with a very smooth trigger. I'm going to run both guns this way for a while and really give them a good test. I have matching grips from Thailand coming later this week so they will feels the same when I grip them.
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My 32 ACP Frommer Stop :cool:
AH, the top one is a Beeman(DIana) Original 6, a recoiless Giess system gun, Bottom one no idea.
A hyscore 800.... been a few years since I've handled one. Guess the one I rebuilt in the 90's was my last encounter.
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