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what choices in iron sights, for 9422

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A little background, I've been nearsighted since i was in 5th grade, but with glasses or contacts could always see better than 20-20. i had no problems shooting rifles or handguns with open sights. Now i have progessed into bifocals, was ok for a couple of years, but recently i found out my rear rifle sights have blurred out to be almost useless. Well i fixed that on my 10/22. just $700-$800 and a red dot scopetook care of it nicley. too nicley, ( I have 2 new 10/22 in boxes in the closet, 3 barrels on order,2 more scopes, 3 or more stocks, well you all know the addiction). I don't want to go that route with my 9422. does any rear site, or peepsite offer an advantage over factory sights, for people needing bifocals, i have to use the long distance part to get a good clear front sight picture, and the rear sight on a 10/22 or the 9422 looks like a white pencil eraser rather than the white diamond. i know a scope or red dot would be best, but wanted to stay more traditional. So, all of you opticly challegend ,in their prime of life type guys speak up. i've seen Marble, Lyman, One ragged hole, any others? what works best for you..thanks dave
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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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