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Went Back To The Black Mamba Today

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For the past few months I've been shooting my S&W 617 for Steel Challenge Matches. It's been a lot of fun and I love having a gun I can count on never giving me a jam of any kind.

Today I took out my Black Mamba. I practiced with it earlier in the week running 500 rounds of CCI-SV without a jam so I felt confident to shoot it. Other than one failure to fire everything went very well.

I'm shooting Rimfire Pistol Iron for now and may stay that way until the State Championship. Again, it's fun.

My Mamba has the Cornerstone Safety and the Striplin Thumb Rest. I like the way it lets me purchase the gun the same each and every shot. One of my friends noticed that I was gripping the gun so tight it was shaking. After that I tried to just hold the gun out there with 50/50 % pressure from each hand and my accuracy improved. I'm also trying to relax more, i.e. not lock my knees or elbows while shooting.

My time wasn't the greatest but it wasn't the worst. It was a great day, shooting in the morning and it only got to 98 degrees by the time we left the range. Glad I wasn't out longer. Final temperature today was 107.
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