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Weaver T6 & Elite 4200 5-15x40

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I have been choosing a scope to be mounted on a CZ Varmint.

Forcast: I know that the two scopes are very different from each other!!

Flashback: I already own a Lopy VXII 6/18x40 which I use on my Lux. I bought it to shoot up 125 meters with the highest magnification. Since I bought it, I have generally used at 6x because I have wanted to get the same shooting conditions like our BR shooters, who can use max 6x in production category.

Said that, I don't know if to get a fix 6x scope (Weaver Target fix 6x40) or another variable (Bushnell 4200 5-15x40). If I got the fix one (Crosshir w/dot) I would ever have a fix and a variable scope which I could use whenever I prefer the one or the other one.

If I got the Bushnell (multi-x reticle) I would get another awesome scope :D... but nothing more (maybe the reticle is not the maximum for target shooting).

Do you know someting more about brightness, quality, ecc of these two scopes??

No hunting, only target shooting usually up 50 meters nd sometimes up 125m.

If you were me, what do you put on your Varmints???

Thanks in advanced..

Ciao Gianluca...
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I can only coment on the T6, i've been using them on my sporter benchrest gun and centerfire benchrest for four years and have never had any complants, the burris is another good one, i've never seen sightrons target 6x but i do own two other sightrons i like very much.
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