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Weatherby mark xx11

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Has anybody heard about a weatherby mark XX11 semi-auto .22 There's one for sale used around here foe 279.00 don't know anything about it. Would it be a good gun. Is the price reasonable

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I never owned one myself but a couple of friends of mine had them in the late seventies. They were typical Weatherby so far as looks, very nice finish. They shot real good with their open sights but when they were scoped they shot all over the place. They used pinned barrels and did not have a good tight fit resulting in movement of the barrel with each shot and huge groups. With the open sights which are mounted on the barrel they showed that they had potential but some kind of fix is needed for the pinned barrel slop if a scope is going to be used. My friends traded them in for Remington 541S bolt rifles that they still have.
I am not sure but it seems those guns were made in different places, so there might be some differences in the guns, I think the first run was made in Italy, then some were made in Japan and I think a small number were made in the USA. I would think a good gunsmith could get the barrels locked down tight. A USA model should be worth a good buck.
1 - 2 of 12 Posts
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