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Weatherby mark xx11

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Has anybody heard about a weatherby mark XX11 semi-auto .22 There's one for sale used around here foe 279.00 don't know anything about it. Would it be a good gun. Is the price reasonable

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I owned a tube -fed version back in the late 80s that was Japanese production. The tube itself was very loose and rattled around. As I recall the entire action - barrel and receiver both - was held in place by a single pin which resulted in excessive action play in the stock. Then there was the creepy trigger. The wood on it was very nice , but the rest of the rifle was nothing to get excited about. I ended up selling it and buying one of the "then new" Ruger GP100s.

To top things off - I also ordered a Weatherby 22 scope for the rifle and it was the first scope I ever owned where the reticle broke!
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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