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Wax on Velocitors a problem!

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I use the Velocitors and I am very happy with the actual performance of the round. That said, the reliability is less than ideal due to the wax on the case and bullet. In each box I am getting about 10 or more rounds that jam, fail to fully load or eject due to wax. I compared them to Stingers and I am having much better luck operationally with the stingers. Still I like the Velocitors better when they work for me.

Any Suggestions.

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It is a Ruger 10/22. There is no question that the wax is excessive. I started out with a clean gun and after 100 rounds of Velocitors I now have a gun full of wax. Still I wonder about the wax and what it is really for.
Still I wonder about the wax and what it is really for.
The wax is a bullet lubricant for the lead bullets; without it, they would lead your bore...! ! :(
OK, I see that the wax has a purpose. Still I find that I am having problems with the wax. On some rounds it is so thick that the bullet will not load. I started out with a clean gun.

Update, If I remove the wax from the round it works well.


I know what you mean about too much wax on the Velocitor bullets. I have a 10/22 that I had sighted-in with CCI Stingers. Bought a box of Velocitors to compare. Found at 75 yards I got a tighter pattern with the new Velocitors. I did remove the wax, with my fingernail, from each bullet before loading the magazine. I saw a show where military snipers hand clean each bullet before loading. So, since it appears I'm changing to the Velocitor round, I'll get in the habit of pealing away the wax.
I have used velocitors since they came out and haven't seen any wax buildup at all. I must clean mine too much.....lol:D
i've had the same problem...almost, in my Savage markII they get stuck in the magazine...i have to take it out and give it a good whack to the bottm for the rest of the rounds to pop up into thier proper place.
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