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Was it a steal?

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Today was my birthday so I decided to go birthday shopping for myself. I have been looking at fixing up my old 10/22, but today at one of the local gun shops I found one similar to the one I was thinking about building. I got the price of the gun down to where I thought it was reasonable and purchased it. Not exactly the barrel I wanted but thought I could always upgrade if I don't like it. Here are the spec's you tell me if I got a good deal or not.

Simmons Pro Hunter 3X12X40 w/adjustable Objective
Ruger 10/22 with Butler Creek Stock
20 inch blued Butler Creek Barrel.

This gun was used but in good condition. I paid $210 plus tax so you decide was it a good deal?
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nice score!! :)
Stock new sells for over $100. Way to go.
Glad you all think so too

I thought it was pretty good, specially for a poor college kid. Next big question is what ammo it likes. Any suggestions from butler creek owners would at least give me a starting point. Also it has a match chamber what are the ammo's that I can't shoot in it? I know stingers are out is there any more that are longer?
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