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Walther P22 opinion's

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I saw this p22 the other day in my gun shop and liked the look and feal of it . I was wondering if anyone could give me some addvice on the model good or bad.
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Chief says:
Walla! MY headdress is OFF ! To John McCaw !!

FOR : One of the most "fun-to-shoot" rimfire pistols

on the market today. The Walther P-22.

compact, reliable, liteweight, concealable, perfect.

no jams, shoots any ammo , cycles subsonic ammo.

Just Add A FEW ACCESSORIES "its fantastic" .

John : my thanks for the gun . Sorry , I couldnt get

"YOUR" no bark can with it. you know.!!

Now. I see why . you reccommend them. WOW !

REGARDS chiefdave

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1 - 1 of 19 Posts
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