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Walther P22 opinion's

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I saw this p22 the other day in my gun shop and liked the look and feal of it . I was wondering if anyone could give me some addvice on the model good or bad.
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I did a bit of plinking today

I just finished a session with a newly acquired 3.4" bbl and a red dot. The range distance to the target (soda can) was 35m.

The sighting-in was done from a rest. The remaining practice was offhand.

Up until now I had never shot the P22 further than 25m. The additional 10m made hitting the target tough.

I applied the six o'clock technique, turning the elevation screw clockwise. Aiming at the foot of the target (or about an inch below the can's base), rather than spot on, made things easier.

Next time I might try placing a target at forty meters.

I wonder how challenging that would be.

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1 - 1 of 19 Posts
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