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Walther P22 opinion's

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I saw this p22 the other day in my gun shop and liked the look and feal of it . I was wondering if anyone could give me some addvice on the model good or bad.
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:DRe: Walther P22 opinion's

I have the 5" barrel model. No it can not compete with the Ruger MKII for accuracy but I love it. As a plinker it will be fine after broken in. At 12 yards my first several 10 shot groups were all over the target, 11 inch spread. However as I continued to shoot it started to make smaller groups. The last group (#15) was just over 3 inches. Out of the 150 rounds fired I had 4 falures to fire. All 4 rounds fired on second strike, I was using CCI Standard. I need to put several bricks through it and find what it likes best. Everything considered: Ill keep it.

I am also looking for a holster.

John_McCaw: Do you have spare magazines for sale?

Regards BillB :D
1 - 1 of 19 Posts
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