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WalMart 10/22???????

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What does a WalMart 10/22 look like. I have seen reference to them several times.
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Wal*Mart Special 10/22-22 Rifle


The "Wal*Mart" 'Special' 10/22-22 Rifle looks exactly like the 10/22DSP, except the barrel and receiver are silver....! ! :)

10/22DSP DeLuxe Sporter

There are several differences between the "Wal*Mart" 'Special' 10/22 RIFLE and the 10/22DSP DeLuxe Sporter:
Barrel Length: 22" vs 18 1/2"
Barrel Mat'l.: SS vs Blued CS
Stock: Birch vs Walnut [both checkered w/ swivels]
Stamping: "10/22 Rifle" vs "10/22 Carbine"
Model: RUK1022-22 vs 10/22DSP
Price: ~ $215. [W-M] vs $299. [MSRP]

Hope this helps...! ! :)
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1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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