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Wal Mart stock?

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I know that by saying that I'm considering buying a gun at Wal Mart will open me up for all kinds of flack. But nevertheless, I'm considering it. My question is this: Can Wal Mart generally order ANY available firearm, or can they only order those rifles that they generally stock? I'm wondering also if their price would be any less than a typical dealer, since it might be a model that they don't normally stock in mass quantity. It's hard to beat Wal Mart for price on 10/22, and any of several other guns they normally stock...
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Generely wal-mart has good prices on guns from what I see. Went to wal-mart for the same reason. Wanted to see if they could get the basic stainless model. The guy there said it wasn't on his list so he couldn't order it. Went to another wal-mart & saw there K10/22-22 stainless model. Was exactly what i was looking for except it didn't have a walnut shock. So I was going to buy it. The reciever had some machining marks on the front of it, small but looked like hell. He orded another one & it came in perfect. Love it. Called Ruger about it. Exclusive to wal-mart & they will only run that model for a year or 2 & come out with another special run for wal-mart. The stock keep coming loose. Ruger is sending another lock washer for the stock. It was missing. Couldn't be more pleased with the gun!!!!!!!!
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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