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Wal Mart stock?

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I know that by saying that I'm considering buying a gun at Wal Mart will open me up for all kinds of flack. But nevertheless, I'm considering it. My question is this: Can Wal Mart generally order ANY available firearm, or can they only order those rifles that they generally stock? I'm wondering also if their price would be any less than a typical dealer, since it might be a model that they don't normally stock in mass quantity. It's hard to beat Wal Mart for price on 10/22, and any of several other guns they normally stock...
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I got my 10/22 at Wal-mat (see link below) and it's been fantastic.

I had to try a couple of different stores to find one in stock and a couple of places I telephoned didn't seem to know their arse from their elbow, but the rifle is excellent.

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