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Ok so here are the first photos of my CZ Style.
It has a Nikko Nighteater 8-32x60 AG IR scope (for target shooting) that I'm well pleased with and a SAK mod. Also a Harris 13-27 bipod that belongs to my son but is a bit on the long side, I think I'll get the 9-13 inch model that will do the job for me.
In the first photo you can just see our targets on the 4x4 bit of plywood at the back fence with a high bank as a backstop, stepped out at 65 yards It has 8 sheets of A4 paper with 5 x 3 inch roundels on each. Getting 1 inch groups with Eley standard round nose rounds, Remington hollow points were not as good.
Off to the range now for a complete re-setup of the scope and have some fun.
Clive is a happy man. :bthumb: :bthumb: :bthumb:

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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