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Does the Volquarsten Comp make any difference on the Mark II pistol?

Functional or just for looks.....
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I've never shot one, but from what I've read here online not too many people think very much of them.. There's been more comment on how "neat" they look, than on how "well" they work.
from what I understand, most, if not all of the reduction in muzzle flip comes from the added weight, as the 22LR doesnt have enough pressure to make use of the ports.
It's a real pain in the tush to clean too.. more residue out of a pistol length barrel to get caught in the slots... Harder than hammered heck to scrape out...
Everywhere that I go I keep reading mixed reviews. This is going to end up being one of those deals where I will have to find out first hand.
I have Volquartsen compensators on two Mark II's; a Gov't. Model and a Competition Target. These guns don't have a whole lot of recoil to begin with, of course, but I still find the reduction very noticeable. About on a par with shooting .22 shorts vs long rifles. Helps recovery a little in rapid fire events, and adds a bit more weight to the muzzle.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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