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VQ compared to TPA triggers??

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The TPA triggers that everyone is talking about, are very nice, but looking around I notice the VQ trigger looks very similar. Are Chris's triggers a clone of the VQ at a lower price. Or are they different in the angle of the trigger itself with relationship to the shooter's finger.

Anyone have one of each, to give us a report.

Just interested to see if there is a difference.

Please don't turn this into a Chris or anyone else bashing as i will delete it as soon as I see this happen. Thank you. :1t :1t
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ya, but you can not get the tp's
I like the look of the tp's better & would be even better if they were black or red.
I am trying to make some, my time is the problem, I need to sleep!
& the other is if I can make them at a good price.
mine will be a little different looking too.
got you add my style,
& mine will all be machined for a torson spring!
thanks todd
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