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Volquartsen Hammer

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Good morning to all. Just a short comment. Installed a Volquartsen hammer on my 25 year old stock 10/22 Sporter last week. WHOAAAAAAA!!!! What a difference!!!!! Couldn't believe it. Haven't measured the trigger pull weight, But 21/2 to 3 lbs as opposed to 8 or so feels about right. What a great suggestion and highly recomended. Thanks for the tip............
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Another method for the spring

Here is how I done my trigger spring. I didn't like the grittyness of the plunger grinding against the trigger. I read somewhere on RFC about Clickster mechanical pencils having a perfect fit spring for the return spring. Went to Walmart and bought a pack of the Clicksters, turned the plunger around backwards and put the clickster spring in next so it rides against the trigger instead of the plunger contacting the trigger. Pull was further reduced and now much smoother. Still had a problem with the overtravel so I took it back apart and flattened out a piece of number 8 shot and put it behind the plunger and then the plunger and then the clickster spring back in, no more overtravel and no screw through the trigger needed. With the Volquartsen hammer, JB weld trick and clickster spring my trigger is better than I ever expected. Still love to get my hands on one of them Kidd triggers though :)
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