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Volq. CNC bolt

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Has anyone had any good results with this bolt? I am building a rifle from a seriously deteriorated gun a friend gave me. The receiver is fine, but the rest is pretty ragged.
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I looked at them at the Volq. site too and liked them! Do I suggest them? Yes! I own 3 10/22s and 3 Volq. bolts! Just be careful installing it. I was trying to put one of mine in one time in the dark and I didnt have the guide rod in the little spot to the back top left of the reciver where it goes. I should have noticed that it was harder to go together but once again "My Bad!" Needless to say it didnt cycle by hand right and it was a real trick trying to get the bolt back far enough to take out. It was no fault of the bolt though, all mine! I think they are one of the greater most over looked upgrades for a Ruger 10/22. Hope I've helped ya!

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