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I'm glad to see y'all are getting some very respectable groups out of your Mosins.
I had a M44, 3 Tula hex 91/30s, and 3 Finnish M39s. The M39s were good shooters, but not as good as groups posted here. My friend has a PU sniper refurb that is similar to the one above. We couldn't get the scope to settle in, or it hates surplus ammo. There was a separate sniper round that maybe he needs, but I can't recall what that was called at this moment. Probably doesn't matter because there aren't any to buy.
I sold all of my Mosin rifles because I went through a transitional time in my life. Should have kept them because they bring a pretty penny now.
The one I really should have kept was the M39 B with the plumb colored barrel in like new condition. I may have been the first person to shoot that rifle.
Oh well, water under the bridge now.
It's a pleasure seeing the positive results here.
My M44 Mosin is the only one that shoots well. It looked absolutely new when I got it and the bore was pristine. Not the case with the 2 Mosin 91/30s that I bought prior to that. Both looked beautiful on the outside but the bore were shot out. I tried everything to get them to shoot well and nothing worked. Both shot minute of barn door at 50 yards no matter what I fired whether surplus ammo or high quality component reloads. I still have both since I wouldn't wish them on anyone else! They do make nice wall hangers :D
1 - 3 of 17 Posts