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Viani Mdl 52D Scope Mount

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Just recieved his scope mount. I wanted a mount that I would not have to drill and tap for and heard about this mount on this site. I just installed it on my gun and what a nice mount. There is some really excellent machine work in this. I have been a Manufacturing Engineer in the aerospace business for 25 years. I have been involved with in house machining as well by outside vendors. I do not know how he can do this for $70.
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I have one on my M12 and am awaiting the one for my 52D. These have to be the best mounts out there for these type rifles. I can't say how many times people look at the mount and say how impressed they are with them. The thing that impresses them is the ease at the ability to switch to iron sights without removing the scope base. I swap out scope and iron sight with next to no change of zero as long as I don't get stupid and mount the scope rings on the wrong grooves. May have to order another for my other M12. Toys, aren't they wonderful?!?
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