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velocity vs. barrel length

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Does anyone know of a comprehensive table of muzzle velocity for various barrel lenghts, specifically for the Remington Premier or Winchester Supreme?

A comparison I saw for the .17 HMR showed the optimum length to be pretty short. I think it was about 18.5 inches. Some of the ultra accurate .22 LR also seem to have short barrels.

It seems a shame to lug around more barrel then you actually need to attain maximum velocity and (probably) best accuracy. I'm sure there is a lot more to it then just maximum velocity but I can't imagine the bullet is attaining any more stability if it actually slows down in the last couple of inches of a too long barrel.
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I am currently in the process of doing some comparing myself. I have chrono'd several different loads thru a factory 20" 597 barrel - TnT's, Premier's, Maxi-Mags. I will be comparing velocities to a Volquartsen 16.5 carbon fiber. Hopefully I will have a stock made soon so i will be able to finish the testing this spring.
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