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velocity vs. barrel length

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Does anyone know of a comprehensive table of muzzle velocity for various barrel lenghts, specifically for the Remington Premier or Winchester Supreme?

A comparison I saw for the .17 HMR showed the optimum length to be pretty short. I think it was about 18.5 inches. Some of the ultra accurate .22 LR also seem to have short barrels.

It seems a shame to lug around more barrel then you actually need to attain maximum velocity and (probably) best accuracy. I'm sure there is a lot more to it then just maximum velocity but I can't imagine the bullet is attaining any more stability if it actually slows down in the last couple of inches of a too long barrel.
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velocity data

I found the .22 WMR velocity data in the .22 LR forum and I've started a spreadsheet. The only barrel was 24" in a Ruger 77/22. I'm most interested in the hot cartridges, the Remington Premier, Winchester Supreme, CCI MaxiMag and the Federal Speer, so that is the data I've entered.

If any other velocity data shows up for other barrel lenghts, I'll add it to the spreadsheet and post it on the forum when enough data shows up to be usefull.

I think there are standard .22 WMR barrels of 18.5, 20, 21 and 24 inches. I have the 24 and if I get the 18.5 and 21, I should be able to extrapolate others.

If any pistol data shows up, that would be a bonus. I have .22 WMR Taurus Tracker with a 6.5 inch barrel. Only one range session so far and it is out for trigger work. The standard set up is about :mad: 8lbs. , single action! Just not good, at all.

Again, thanks for all the feed back.
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