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Just getting started doing some comparison group shooting of Aguila's 40gr Super Extra subsonic ammo and a new offering from the boys from Curnevaca = a Standard velocity Golden Eagle "Match Pistol 50/50" loading, also shooting 40gr solid tip lead bullets.
So far,the grousings are consistent, small to tiney, and slightly larger than the average groups I was shooting for comparison with the only "Match" grade ammo I happened to have along, a box of RWS Match.
I've been a fan of Aguila loads for a while and they keep coming up with new offerings like the Golden Eagle SV.
Unlike recent posts I've read, I haven't found the Aguila loadings to shoot any dirtier than other loads, the smell is another thing :rolleyes: - something to do with the Ely primer mix used, which makes it smell a lot like the Remington/Ely orange box stuff, and kinda like Wolf loads.
Haven't done any comparaive pricing with other brands yet, but it seems to be priced about the same as Wolf ammo.
Only one rifle with iron target sights shot so far, all at 25yds from the bench.
Should be interesting;)
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