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Varmit vs american

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Im going to purchase a cz tomorrow, and i am still unclear about the differences between these guns ,where the stock/action mounting screws are concerned. I have read on here that the location of the American screws are better than those on the Varmint. If so why is that.
I have seen the Varmint , and could not see why there would be a problem with the location of the mounting screws.


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The American has 2 action screws: 1 just forward of the trigger and the other that screws into a lug dovetailed into the tang. On the Varmint, there's the 1 action screw forward of the trigger, and a screw that goes into a lug dovetailed into the barrel. You might have been fooled by looking at the screws on the Varmint that are actually wood screws holding on the trigger guard.

There's really no problem with the way that the Varmint is mounted. It's just a little different from the way modern convention dictates. I don't have a Varmint, but my Special has screws just like the Varmint, and it shoots every bit as well as my American--maybe a little better.
Forester is right on the mark about the screws. I own a varmint and am very happy with it. Probably for customizing the 2 action screws will work out better because it is the more conventional way of doing things. If you decide to take out the front barrel lug on the varmint you will have to do some modifying as you will only have one screw holding the action to the stock.

Both shoot very well. Probably just boils down to a decision in taste.
Thanks for the replys gentlemen.

I purchased my 452 varmint today. I bought it from Whittakers in Owensboro KY. Today was the first time that i have been to Whittakers, all i can say is WOW, that is one incredible gun shop.
I asked if they had a varmint that had a little nicer Grain than the one on display.The gun that they brought out had some of the nicest tiger stripe that i have ever seen on any type of Walnut.
These have to be some of the nicest people. They were buisier than a one legged man in a but kicking contest, i have never seen that many people in a gun shop befor.
The employees never seemed bothered by all of the questions and requests being fired at them. Very courtious and helpful.
Now to the gun. The trigger out of the box is very nice. I dont have a guage but it feels real close to my ruger that i had professionaly done. The only complaint would be the roughness of the bolt operation. but that is something that i can take care pretty quick. I think that i am going to like this gun


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