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Varmint shooting great

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Well today I made my first attempt at some of the SSB games going on with my Varmint. First target tried made the cheap ammo qualification. After that I played around a bit with the rifle. I noticed that if I switched from a cheap ammo to an expensive ammo it took about 10-15 shots before my groups started to settle in. I don't know if it was the lube finding a balance point that was happening or what. I have a feeling if I shot a bunch of the Tenex in a row my groups would have turned out a bit better as the latter groups certainly looked a lot better than the early groups. I ran out as I only had half a box but the last 2 5 shot groups looked great. On the plus side though I found that if I shot a round or two of RWS red box (can't remember the name) after every 3-5 shots of Federal Champion my groups with the Champion are pushing as good as the Tenex was shooting. A bit scary and Im not sure why but they were coming out great if I tossed a little of the slime from the RWS down the bore. I forgot the rest of the targets at home and went on to plink at some spinners the rest of the day but it certainly left me smiling. I almost made the zee-row game as well with the Champion which would be fun to see beside my name in the list. Now I just need to pick up a 527 and really have a blast.
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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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