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Varmint Hunts ?

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to view the video go to this link i posted then dl Gopher Slaying. its in the Pub folder just click and drag to your desktop.
A big thanks to FelixXJ for hosting this for me so you all could see.

ftp://[email protected]
Went out P-dogin' this weekend and wore 'em out. I ran about 350 rounds of ammo through my 917 VS. It was a blast. This was the first trip out with the .17 for p-dogs and to say I was impressed would be an understatement!! It did awesome.
Long shot of the weekend was range found at 255 yards. Had a few other kills that were range found between 175-200 yards, with the average shot probably somewhere around 115-130 yards. Got some closer than that also. OUCH!
Good times.
I been out twice last month for some Coyote. Didn't call anything in but Crow and Turkey Buzzards

I was sitting @ the 200-300 yrd range yesterday just finishing up a few hours of work.
I was standing by the Bench, running a rod through the bore. I glanced up to see.
A F##king Coyote trotting across the range about 125 yrd. out.
Stopped about 3/4 of the way across stopped, looked at me and trotted-off and jumped threw the brush.

He was the most luckiest Coyote. & I was PISSED about it.
:D :eek: :eek: Heh heh heh, Hopefully, that rascal will try that again, and next time you won't have a cleaning rod in your barrel!
today I shot a starling that was munching on our freshly cut grass. Used CCI mini-mag hollow-points. Shot was at 61 yards. I saw a small puff of feathers and flipped the bird over. When I got to it I couldn't find the entrance hole, but the exit hole was easy to see. I blew one leg off it. The leg was 7 1/2 feet directly behind the bird.

That makes starling #3 for this year. Hopefully they will come back again today and I can post another varmint hunt...hehehe
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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