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Varmint Hunting Scope?

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My NEF .17 should be in any day, now.  Im planning to hunt woodchucks, ground squirrels, etc. out to about 125 yd.  Please tell me what type scope you have had success with on these targets at this range.  Fixed power??  Variable??  Mil-dot reticle?? Dot Reticle??  Binoculars and throwing rocks?  What works?

Thanks, in advance!
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I would think any good 3X9 compact
would work good on these guns.
At the yardages you say, you will be

Goodluck & Goodshootin.
I would think any 3x9x40 or x 50. Should be ok.  Your looking at $50 to $100 for most scopes. I have a 3x12x40 Tasco on my 10/22 and it is perfect.  I wouldnt mind a 4x16 for 50yard bench shooting but oh well.  I use mine for hunting mostly.  I shoot anywhere from 10 to 100 yards with mine and the 12x is usually fine.

I wouldnt not worry about the recoil of the gun affecting the scope like on a CF.  

Just my .02 worth.

Leupold 3-9x33 EFR workes great for me, and its for a rimfire&air rifle.
www.natchezss.com  has3X9
Simmons for 21.95 just got
3 by UPS today.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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