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Value of Model 241

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Whats the value of a 241 in 80%+ condition? What is the serial number on the barrel all about? Parts available?
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Tilton Hilton said:
Whats the value of a 241 in 80%+ condition? What is the serial number on the barrel all about? Parts available?
Latest Gun Traders Guide lists the 241 LR in "excellent" condition for $267, good $164. Expect to pay more for .22 short 241's. I paid $120 for an excellent example in long rifle but it had been drilled and tapped, paid $400 for a .22 short 241 in excellent condition with a checkered stock. Serial number is just that, they are serialized on the trigger assy, barrel and receiver. Numrich (GPC) has most parts. Get it, great rifle based on the Browning design .22 auto.
Tilton Hilton, Have only seen three 241's in the last five years in this area, a 90% for $385, a 98% for $450 and the one I traded for last week, a 85% for $205. So the problem here is availability (or lack of) having a rather dramatic effect on price, love my 241, think everyone should have one. Good Luck. Olypenn22
They're few and far between around here.

I picked up a "shorts only" in about 60% a month or so ago for $150 and was proud to get it for that.80% 241's are usually in the $350-400 range at the gun shows on the rare occation that one floats to the surface.

Then there was the old feller at the Temple show a couple of months back that had several on his table.The best one was about 80% and he wanted $600.The worst looked like it had gone down on the Titanic(literally) and he was asking $400.Go Figure. :confused:

Thanks for the help on pricing. What is the pupose of the serial number on the barrel. Is this on all 241's?
Thanks, Jim
S/N on barrel

It may have to do with matching the barrel and receiver,that must be the purpose.Truth is,I'd never noticed this,and went to the safe to confirm it.I've used this rifle for fifty years without seeing the s/n on the bottom of the barrel,or at least didn't make note of it.
All the information is very helpful. I really didn't know anything about the Model 241 until I was offered one as partial trade($150 value).
Somehow I missed reading RSV1MOS and OLYPENN22 replys until just now, thanks guys.
rev1mos, would you consisder your $120.00 rifle an exceptional deal? The one that was offered to be has some light freckling/pitting on the receiver. I'm told it is date coded PP, should there be a third letter? Where would the serial number be located on the receiver and trigger assembly?
Any advice or tips as to what weak spots to check that are unigue to the 241?
Your help is appreciated, Jim
PP code would indicate a build year of 1945, there should be another letter based on BLACKPOWDERX. This was Remingtons premier auto .22 of the period, they serialized it on the barrel, receiver, and on the face of the trigger assy, last three ser. numbers only.

Really has no weak points. Some complain of the bottom eject when shooting from a bench, hot cases and all that.

Yes, I think my $120 deal was great as it's in as new condition, however Drilling and Tapping the receiver removes a lot of collector value. Not an issue with me. Bob
Thanks again for your help.
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